At last: A sensibly-priced, quality tablet…

…with a proper instruction book that makes using it a doddle – custom written for this very model (UK only)

“The proper manual makes it a doddle to use! I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.”

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There are two reasons why you might want to consider this particular tablet… and two reasons why you might not

Firstly, if you’re after a sensibly-priced, quality tablet, this might be perfect for you.

It’s not the very cheapest tablet ever made, true – there are cheaper. But I wouldn’t recommend buying the very cheapest – you end up with a screen that scratches easily, waiting ages for it to do anything and a poor quality picture that’s hard to see.

Want to spend £969 on a tablet? Me neither!

On the other hand, for most people, you don’t need a very fancy professional model, either. Sure, if what floats your boat is having the very latest possible, top end model, be my guest. But you’ll pay through the nose for the privilege – I’ve seen £709, £769 or even “from £969”. Ouch!

No, for most people, what you need is something sensible that works well, does what it should and lets you browse the web, check emails, make video calls, do your shopping online, maybe play a few games and so on – which is exactly what this tablet is.

So if what you want is the very cheapest possible model, this isn’t for you.  (Though don’t blame me if you’re looking for a replacement in a matter of months – maybe buying one of these instead!)

And if what you want is the top end model and the bragging rights that go with that, this isn’t for you either.  Just be prepared to dig deep into your pocket!

The second big reason

I said two reasons why you might want this tablet though… and here’s the other: it comes with a proper manual – an instruction book, specifically written for this very model.

Now, you might say that shouldn’t be that big a deal… and I might agree with you. But I haven’t seen any other tablets that come with a proper manual, specifically written for them. Not one.

Sometimes you get a little flimsy bit of folded up paper that’s next to no use. That’s not what I’m talking about here: this is a proper, 80-page A4 book, with pictures of the screen showing you exactly where to tap the screen and so on.

It’s different from your typical instruction manual in another way too. It’s written in nice straightforward, simple language – plain English. It doesn’t assume you already know everything, like most techies seem to. This makes using your tablet simple and easy.

The book starts with the basics, like turning it on, starting apps and switching between them. It covers taking photos, sending emails, downloading new apps and the stuff most people want to do with their tablets, all explained nice and simply. It doesn’t cover the confusing “techie” things some books can’t resist – just what you actually need!

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Mike, Our Tech expert says:

This Android 10 tablet is a great option for people who want something that’s reliable and easy to use that handles all the usual things you do with a tablet!

It’s probably not ideal for people who want the absolute latest, top end, super powerful tablet, but you’d be looking at three or four times the cost for that.

If you’re interested in the “spec”, here it is, and I’ve put a little “translation” next to each bit for you!

Tech SpecWhat that means
Screen size10.1”About the size of a hardback book – fairly typical for a tablet nowadays
Storage32 GBPlenty of room for music, quite a lot of photos (as long as you aren’t a professional photographer using it for your work), a good number of apps and the odd film (though normally you wouldn’t keep lots of films downloaded on it)
Chip8-core 1.6 GHzThat means it has 8 processing units on the chip, all working together.  It makes it faster!
Cameras13MP back,
8MP front
The back camera is for taking photos and 13MP means you get really sharp pictures.  The 8MP front one is for video calls and to be honest it’s overkill – 4MP would have been fine.  Better too much than too little, though!
Battery6000 mAhIt’s hard to say how long this lasts before you need to charge it.  That depends on what you use it for – maybe 15 hours of use it if you use it for a bit of video, some web browsing and playing a few games.  Even if you use it for a couple of hours a day, that means you only need to charge it once or twice a week.

The tablet comes ready set up with Android 10 and all the standard Google apps for reading emails, browsing the internet, making video calls, taking and editing photos, listening to music, and so on… So you can get stuck straight in!

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How much for this tablet (and the included manual)? Just £189.99

A lot less than “from £969” or even than £709! Probably not the very cheapest tablet you could find… but as I’ve said, the very cheapest really can be a case of “buy cheap, buy twice” – if you get the cheapest you possibly could, you’ll probably be back looking for a replacement in no time.

Free proper case, Free fast delivery and Free 60-day returns

You also get a free case, specifically designed for this model, so all the holes are in exactly the right place for the camera and buttons. That way it’s nicely protected.

Oh, and the case acts as a handy stand, too, if you want to prop it up at the breakfast table while you eat your toast and marmalade!

Worth £18.99 but yours for free!

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There’s fast free shipping (within the UK) – we use a quick, tracked service and we’ll despatch your order the day we receive it (if we get it before 2pm).

We also offer an extended free returns period of 60 days, if you decide it’s not for you. Not that I expect for one minute you’ll want to send it back once you’ve got it… but if you do, that’s your choice. (We’ll pay the postage for that, too.) Of course, there’s a full year guarantee too, in case anything should go wrong with it.

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