Calling all iPad or Android Tablet owners… (find out more)

If you ever find your tablet frustrating, aren’t quite sure how to do things or just think you might not be getting all you should from it, read on…

Tablets are becoming hugely popular. And no wonder – they’re lighter and easier to carry around than a PC. You can sit in a comfy armchair and browse the web or even video call your family around the world.

They’re easier to use than PCs in lots of ways, too.

But there’s a catch. In fact, two.

Catch number 1:

They’re different from PCs. So if you already know how to use a PC, you have to start again.

Catch number 2 (the big one!):

There are lots of important features that are “hidden”. There’s no button for them,
saying “click here”. And you simply can’t work it out. You need to know to slide the screen from the left, or drag the thingy-me-bob to the right.

Someone needs to tell you these things – it’s just not possible to work it out as you wouldn’t even know they’re there!

If I ran the world…

If I ran the world, these devices would come with a proper manual. But when they do come with a manual, it’s on the device, so you can only get at it if you already know how to use the thing! And when you do get at it, it’s usually written assuming you already know how to use it – which makes it a bit pointless.

That’s why I’ve written these books: iPads One Step at a Time and Android Tablets One Step at a Time (ideal for all Android tablets).

Plain English – that’s not all…

They explain how to use the device, in plain simple language, with pictures of the screen showing exactly where to tap or slide your fingers. No jargon!

Only Half the Story…

That’s only half the story- there’s something else important you should know. So I’ve put together full information on the books – who they’re for, what they cover and so on.  And I’m happy to send you this full information pack – completely free (no obligation, either).

“Better than WHSmith’s Best”?

As soon as these books came out, I started getting comments like…

“Thank you for producing such a superb book – it is really helping me. I had bought one (a book) in W H Smiths a short while ago and couldn’t get on with it at all!” – J.S.


“I am delighted with the new book on tablets, so many things I didn’t understand before, being of the ‘retired brigade’ it’s a great help.” – Doreen Wadsworth

Don’t buy now, do this instead

Anyway, don’t buy now. Instead, you can find out the full details about what’s covered, who they’re ideal for and what you might be missing out on, then decide. Just get the free information pack.  You’ll find out about the free gift that comes with the books, too.

Quick and Easy to Get Yours

Why not get the info now? There’s no obligation at all. Discover what the books will do for you and about your free gift that comes with them. (And don’t worry, we won’t pass your details to anyone else.)

All you need to do is pop your name and address below and we’ll pop it straight in the post to you – free and no obligation.  (Or if you prefer, call us on 01229 777606 or email us at [email protected] )

You don’t even need to know which type of tablet you have: the infopack will explain how to tell.

There’s no obligation, no cost and it’ll only take a few seconds. You have nothing to lose so why not do it now, while you think of it? Best not risk losing this webpage, just pop your details in the box below now.