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Catastrophes, dilemmas, predicaments, mishaps, woes and other things that go wrong on your PC or laptop… solved, quickly and easily.



Computers can do great things, no doubt about it. From shopping online to keeping in touch with friends and family miles away… to all sorts of other things.

But there’s one big problem – how often they go wrong.

Imagine this: you’re happily using your PC to browse the internet, email a friend or look at some photos your son or daughter has put up for you. Then, it happens…

You click the button you’ve clicked dozens of times before, just as usual…

or press a key you always press…

..or start a program you use all the time…

Only this time it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. Maybe it does nothing at all. or maybe it does part of what it should, but not all. Or maybe it does something completely different.

Confused? Frustrated? I’m not surprised…

You’re confused and frustrated – after all, you did what you’re supposed to! But the dratted thing didn’t keep its part of the bargain!

Or sometimes maybe you’ve even slipped and done something wrong by mistake… knocked the wrong key or clicked on the wrong option (it’s easy to do)… but now you can’t see how to put it right. maybe you’ve no idea how you even got it wrong… or maybe you do know, but can’t see how to change it back again.

That’s what this pair of books (Help is at Hand: Common & Frustrating Computer Problems Solved, Quickly & Easily and its companion, a similar book about internet problems) is for. Once you have the books, it’s simple. Have a quick glance at the contents page, turn to the page listed and follow the simple, plain English, step by step instructions there. That’s it.


There are even pictures of the screen showing you where to click to make it obvious what to do.

One book covers problems on your PC itself, the other book covers problems when you’re using the Internet.

Imagine This…

Imagine you’re using your computer and something goes wrong, misbehaves or doesn’t work like it normally does.

For example, if your screen suddenly starts displaying everything upside-down (I know, it seems unlikely, but it can and does happen!), pick up the book and look at the contents page. Flick through that and turn to page 11. It tells you exactly what to do, in plain English. Press the keys it tells you to and seconds later it’s sorted!

Or what if you’ve found your computer has got slower over the years – you’re not imagining it, it really does happen. But you can reverse the signs of aging. See the 8 possible reasons on page 26.

Hardly anyone knows about number 6 – but if that’s the cause of yours, then doing what the page says can reawaken a lethargic PC in a few seconds! (If only I could reverse my grey hairs as easily – but I think those are due to having two small children…)

The biggest problem…

You see, the biggest problem people have with using computers often isn’t just how to do the things they want to. The problem is things that go wrong – settings that get changed, things that stop working… problems that aren’t your fault, basically! But even though they aren’t your fault, you still need to deal with them. And unless you know what you’re doing, they aren’t obvious…

For example, you probably didn’t know about:
  • The thing hidden in Windows 8 (and 8.1) that helps you do almost everything. Covered on page 1, it’s so important. Why on earth would they put a button on the laptop to turn the screen off? Well, there is a reason, but chances are you won’t need it. Here’s what to do if you accidentally knock it, though. Page 35
  • The one thing you must do if you’re printing photos out. Most people never bother but the box on the right near the bottom of page 42 makes a huge difference (Mum and Dad nearly took a printer back to the shop because the photo quality was terrible – until I told them about this).
  • Two reasons why replacing the ink cartridge with a new one can actually stop your printer working! Easy to fix once you know, though. Page 44
  • Why a paperclip is a crucial part of any “PC problem sorter”s toolkit. Page 45.
  • A helpful feature some programs have… until it stops working. Page 55


That’s all stuff to do with the computer itself… but the Internet and email can throw up all sorts of problems, too. For example:
  • What it means when this glows green (or orange, or if you ignore it too long, red). I didn’t know this myself – until Jane (who helped write the books) pointed it out. Page 14. You could easily miss this if you hadn’t been told (after all, I did!)
  • Google do it, Yahoo do it, Microsoft do it. Fair enough… but some far less scrupulous people also do it… and if they do it to your PC, you want to get rid of it.Page 9 shows how (or even how to get rid of the innocent ones if you just don’t want it any more).
  • If a dodgy pop-up advert window appears, you close it, right? No, that could be the worst thing you could do (a really sneaky trap) Page 14-15
  • Is your computer spying on you? What are you going to do about it? Page 23<
  • Why a “website” might want to phone you – on a real landline. What’s going on and why? Page 24
  • What you need to know about free anti-virus programs. Page 33
  • If you have Windows 8 or 8.1, it might tell you this whopper. Don’t bother doing what it says because it won’t work (and Microsoft should know this, because they decided it wouldn’t). Page 54
  • Why Google may be going through your emails and “sorting” them – have they been hiding any from you? Page 58

If you have these books, the answer to any of these problems, crises or sticky situations is simple: Turn to the relevant page and follow the easy step by step instructions.

Is it suitable for you?
The books are suitable for you if:

  1. You have a desktop PC or a laptop PC (including the very small netbooks)
  2. It runs Windows – version 8, 8.1 or 7 or the brand new Windows 10
  3. You’re not a complete PC whizz who can fix everything yourself anyway (if you are a real computer whizz, you don’t need the books!)


Though, having said that, I learnt some new things from working on this book – problems I wouldn’t have known how to fix if they’d happened to me… but now I do, so I won’t panic if they happen!

Your PC problems solved, for less than half a tank of petrol… or a decent pub meal for two

These books are just £12.97 each (and £2.99 P&P per order, regardless of how many books you order). For now, at least (I reserve the right to increase the price at any point in the future). Currently at £6.98 each, during the July clearance – then (if any are left), they’ll be back to full price – probably forever.

And don’t forget, the book will still be making your life easier in a year’s time, or more.(Unlike the petrol or the pub meal…)

Picture all the frustration and difficulty you get when something goes wrong on your PC, or it just won’t work like it’s supposed to… then imagine it just disappears and everything works properly again. In fact the advice in these books has saved some people from going out and buying an expensive new replacement PC, when I told them how to sort out their existing one. Good value indeed!

But don’t take my word for it: All you need to do is say “maybe”

I would say the books are great, of course! But you don’t have to take my word for it. Order a free trial set now, and you don’t have to pay a penny until you’ve got the books, had a look at them and agree that you want them (otherwise send them back and owe nothing).

The “risk” is all mine – as it should be.

So there are 3 reasons to act now:

  1. Everything explained clearly, in plain simple language and with pictures of the screen showing you exactly what to do and where to click.
  2. You don’t have to pay anything unless you’re happy with the books. Otherwise, simply send them back and owe nothing.
  3. Best not put it off until another day and risk forgetting or losing the email… simply click to get your free trial set now (or call 01229 777606)
And one more big reason…

An end to pulling your hair out every time your computer does something it shouldn’t (or doesn’t do something it should)… and an end to worrying about whether it’ll work properly, without any mishaps, woes or crises this time every time you turn it on (because you know if it does misbehave, you can sort it out quickly and easily).

Best act now

Don’t put it off and risk forgetting.  We’ll get your books in the post straight away – they’ll be with you as soon as the post can get them to you.


Tim Wakeling

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