“End your Computer and Internet fear & frustration”

“Dad showed me how to make a book that actually helps”

The author’s dad, Robin, now uses PCs with confidence. You can too.

I’ll start by letting the author, Tim Wakeling, tell you a bit about them… (and how you can try them out without paying a penny).

“It all started with my Dad.” Tim told me. “He’s 79 and has a PC. And these books (Computers One Step at a Time and The Internet One Step at a Time) started off as notes I wrote to help him.

Dad was tearing his hair out, frustrated by confusing jargon and worried he’d “mess it up”
He wanted to do things like email my sister in Melbourne and create an advert with photos for a car he was selling. Dad wanted something as easy as possible to follow, with pictures of the screen and arrows to show what to do. He asked for plain, straightforward English… as if I was explaining it to him in person.”

Is this what you’d like from a computer book?
Tim’s dad rounded up his friends who had a computer (or were thinking of getting one).
They told me what they wanted from a book about computers… and what they didn’t want. And he based these books on what they said.

Is this what you want, too?

  1. Plain English – not full of jargon and gobbledegook.
  2. Simple step-by-step instructions making it clear how to use your PC or Mac.
  3. Plenty of pictures of the screen showing exactly what to do, with arrows & pointers.
  4. Each new topic explained properly before going on to the next one.


Or email [email protected] or call 01229 777606

If you agree, picture yourself using your computer with complete confidence. Once you start to learn the basics any fear of them will start ebbing away. You’ll love the feeling of being fully in control of your PC. Imagine your new-found confidence with your computer and on the internet.

In just a moment I’ll tell you about an extra bonus… but first, let me tell you just a few of the things you’ll discover, that you might not have heard before. (Which of these are new to you?)

  • The biggest step to computer confidence (hint: it’s NOT knowing lots about PCs or Apple Macs).
  • One word that means two different things… most people don’t even realise that this has confused them.
  • Why some options disappear off menus… and how to get them back again.
  • Get the computer itself to help when you’re stuck…
  • The easiest way to start apps and programs.
  • When you’ve lost your files, do this to get them back again.

Lots more too. Things like:

  • 7 tips (plus one or two extra) that keep you safe on the internet.
  • The difference between wireless broadband (Wi-Fi) & ordinary broadband… and how to set it up.
  • Three tricks to make search engines work better for you.
  • 3 handy methods for emailing someone without typing in their full email address (I only ever use 2 of them).
  • How to spot a scam  email… and what to do if you’re sent one.
  • How to email photos and other files… and what to be careful of.
  • How to get your computer to translate foreign languages for you.

That’s not all of course – from setting up a new printer and backing up your files, to shopping online or catching up with the latest news… but I can’t list it all here.


Or email [email protected] or call 01229 777606

Is yours a Windows PC or an Apple Mac? Either way, breathe a sigh of relief
Most PCs and laptops run Microsoft’s “Windows 10”. The actual kit might be made by Dell or HP or Lenovo (or some other company), but they all work in exactly the same way. Apple Macs (iMacs and MacBooks) are different, though. They’re all made by Apple, and they don’t work in quite the same way as other computers.

But don’t worry – whichever type of computer you have, we can help make it easy for you. The Microsoft Windows edition of the books clearly explains Windows 10 from scratch. Whether you’re running it on a desktop PC or a laptop. We also have an edition of the books that covers Apple Macs and MacBooks. And they’re all written nice and clearly, and in Plain English.

Simply let us know on the order form or when you ring up whether you have Windows 10 or Windows 11 or an Apple Mac, and we’ll send you the right books to make everything as simple as possible for you. That way you won’t be confused by irrelevant stuff in the book.

(If you’re really not sure which version you have you can ring up and Jade, Shannon or Shanice will help you).


Or email [email protected] or call 01229 777606

The price for all this? If you order now, each book is just £12.97, plus one lot of p&p at £3.99. You’d struggle to get a decent pub meal for that nowadays, but this could make using a PC or Mac a breeze – permanently.

I have to confess: These are our books. So we would think they’re good. You might say we’re going to be a bit biased. So instead of listening to me, here’s a copy of a letter that I have in front of me. It’s from someone who was on the verge of giving up on computers, but gave it one last try with these books.

Dear Tim,

At last, long last. I now understand my computer.

I am 76 years old, been to night school twice, had one to one private lessons and still remained baffled and confused by the damn thing. Thankfully seeing your advertisment I decided to have one last try.

No longer do my hands shake when I am within distance of the dreaded thing.

I am thrilled with these wonderful books. I really feel at last I am in control.

Yours Sincerely

If I’m honest, I’m amazed at what some of the people who write to us have managed to learn. For example I had a letter the other day from Pauline Palmer, who used to struggle with computers but has just won a prize in a competition for using the PC at her local library.

And there are plenty more people who’ve tamed their PC with the help of these books:

  • Mrs K D “I find your book Computers One Step at a Time is immediately clear and helpful. It tells me all the basic things I want to know in a simple, straightforward style and takes a lot of the mystery out of it all.”
  • John Collis “I found your instructions so clear that even an old man like me could follow them!”
  • Mrs E L Jones “I really thought when I had your first communication that this would be the same as many other company’s and I was ready to return everything; but no I was wrong – here was something that was easily understood and able to put into practice.”


Or email [email protected] or call 01229 777606

Mrs Leighton and G Vann are much more confident on the PC than they used to be:

  • G Vann “After three hours I’ve learnt more about my computer than the last five weeks I’ve had it. I’m 61 and not having used a keypad before my knowledge was absolutely nil. Thank You and I would certainly recommend the books.”
  • Maureen Leighton “I am beginning to enjoy rather than be frightened of the computer.”

“But will the books help me? I’m just no good on the PC!”
Don’t worry. If Jean can learn it, so can you! She said, “One hour and I had learnt more than three months’ hard struggle had taught me!” You just need to be shown exactly what to do… then you can follow the step by step instructions. The reason it seems hard is because no-one’s told you exactly what it is you need to do – no wonder it’s tricky when you’re having to work it all out for yourself!

“I’ve tried other books that promised they’d help and they were no good at all. How do I know these won’t be the same?”
I understand. Frankly, a lot of the books about computers that you see in shops aren’t very good at all. That’s why I offer a free trial (see below). If the books aren’t every bit as helpful as I say they are, just send them back and owe nothing.


Or email [email protected] or call 01229 777606

“Can a book really help me learn? Don’t I need to go on a course?”
The way these books use pictures of the screen and instructions is very similar to having someone there, showing you what to do. But someone with infinite patience, who’ll go at whatever speed you like! In fact, lots of people have told me that they had been on a course but it didn’t help much until they got these books, because with them you can learn at your own pace. And if there are any parts that you find a bit tricky, go over them again, as slowly and as many times as you like.

But one more thing! STOP PRESS — Free Booklet:

Get more for your money: When you order both books (the Computers book and the Internet book), I’ll also send you a free copy of my booklet “Get Free Software” (or the Mac version, “Get Free Apps”). It shows you how & where to get free software: Work programs, Games, Photo software, Language learning programs. You can get them all for FREE when you know how!

Have a free trial before you pay: I don’t ask you to send any money until you’ve got the books and are happy with them – if you’re not, just send them back and owe nothing. That’s how confident I am that they’ll help you.

And don’t worry, I won’t send you any unexpected “follow-up” books that you didn’t ask for.  There are no monthly updates you have to pay for and I won’t pass your details on to anyone else.

Why not get your copies now?

Don’t put it off and risk forgetting. Just click the relevant button at the bottom to get a free trial set. (It’s safe, even if you don’t normally buy over the internet, as you don’t have to put any credit card details in.)

Or call 01229 777606 and Jade, Shannon or Shanice will send you the book(s).

The Helpful Book Company

PS – The extra booklet really is worth having. Order both books and you’ll get the extra booklet on how to get free software. Why not at least get a set to have a look at. Just click the relevant button at the bottom of the page or ring 01229 777606 if you prefer. Remember, it’s a free trial, so there’s no risk – if you don’t like them, just send them back.

PPS – Tim’s dad’s now happily using the PC, sending emails and finding holiday bargains online. (Oh, and he sold the car!) Most of all he’s much more confident and relaxed on the PC. Would you like to be, too?