Facebook CAN be simple… and worth using…

If you already use Facebook, but sometimes find it confusing or think you could get more out of it if only someone showed you exactly how…

If you’re thinking about giving Facebook a try… or someone in your family says you should…

If you wish it was as easy to keep in touch and share what’s going on with friends and family miles and miles away as if they were just across the road…

…then read this:

Facebook – it’s the kind of thing you might dismiss as a gimmick.

And I wouldn’t blame you. Especially when you hear of people with hundreds or thousands of “friends” – that they’ve never met. That’s bonkers.

But there’s a different way you can use it. A way that’s all about being close to your real friends – and your family.

In the modern fast-paced world, it can be harder than ever to keep in touch with people. More and more people are moving away – and further away than ever before. More and more people work odd hours, so it’s not as easy to just phone them. And of course everyone seems to be so busy!

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Sometimes the small, day-to-day things you share are what really matter
It doesn’t mean you drift apart necessarily. But it’s harder to share the small things. The news that little Johnny got 87% in a spelling test or Emily just scored the winning goal in her school hockey team. Or seeing a baby walk the first day she took steps…or a picture of a grandson, with the cake he’s just baked and is so proud of (or 10 minutes later, with it smeared across his chops!)

That’s why I think Facebook can be worthwhile. It makes it easier to share the small things as well as the big things.

And that’s not all – you can use it to send messages directly to one person – a bit like email but easier and they usually see it quicker – use it to send a good luck message minutes before an exam for example.

From Saudi Arabia to the local village…
You can use it for video phone calls (a bit like Skype if you’ve ever used that, but I’ve found with my brother in Saudi Arabia that the Facebook version often works better).

And you can use it to spread the word about things locally in the community – getting everyone to look out for a lost cat, tell everyone about a village fête or warn about a flooded road.

“It’s obvious” – ha! Maybe if you’re a fully-blown techie!
The problem has always been knowing how to use it. Facebook the company is run by proper full-on techies. And they seem to assume everyone else is as well. “There’s no need to explain how it works.” they say “It’s obvious”. (I’m not sure I can print my reply to that.)

And if you don’t know what you’re doing you can get yourself in a right pickle.

That’s why I’ve written this book – in fact two books: Facebook One Step at a Time and Get More From Facebook. The first one explains everything right from the start – how to set up a Facebook account (free but it can be confusing), how it works, how to use it to keep in touch, where to start, how to share updates, photos, videos and so on.

The second one goes on to some of the slightly less obvious features that can actually be really useful. Things like using the built in messages, video phone calls and Facebook groups for a society, club or interest. (Useful if you have things you’re interested in – most people do!)

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Finally nice and simple – so Facebook becomes easy to use
Everything’s explained simply, in step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures of the screen showing you exactly what to do.

It makes it quick and easy to set it up and start using it.

Not only that, it also explains what the different features are and what you might want to use them for. That way you know which bits you might want to try and which ones you can ignore (at least to start with).

(Not like some techies who insist you learn everything all at once – mad.)

PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone – it doesn’t matter
It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it on a PC or laptop, a tablet or a smartphone – each way is covered.

In fact you might want to use Facebook on more than one device – maybe on your PC at home and on your smartphone. You can have the same account on more than one thing, so you can add news, photos or whatever to it whether you’re out and about with your phone or at home using your PC… Up to you of course, you don’t have to.

Without Facebook…
I know – I probably sound all enthusiastic about it. “But I’m not sure I want to bother using Facebook” you might say. Well, that’s fair enough and I’ve never said everyone has to use every new bit of technology. But without Facebook:

  • Mum and Dad wouldn’t have seen the photo of Alastair with the Lego set they gave him last year, just after he’d finished building it (and with a big grin!)
  • I wouldn’t be able to see my sister’s update saying she’d passed, minutes after she had finished grading to be a Karate Sensai (she lives in Australia, so I don’t exactly see her very often – but Facebook makes it easy to keep up to date with what each of us is doing)
  • I couldn’t have shared the video clip of Edward when he first learnt to walk, so all my family could see it the same day.

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They’re just a few examples – and different people will use it in different ways. It shows how, really, it’s not about technology, it’s about people.

But you can only use it once you know how.

What if you’ve already started using Facebook – maybe you’re just about getting by

But you might have found certain things frustrating – or found you thought you knew how to do something but it sometimes doesn’t work. Or there might be other things you’re sure it can do, but you don’t know how or can’t get it to work. Or even things you don’t know it can do… but if you did, they’d be really useful to you!

Well, again, this book explains it all nice and simply, in plain English so you know exactly what to do. It takes the frustration out of using Facebook and makes it simple, so you’re not spending your time thinking about Facebook itself, you’re spending your time thinking about what other people have shared with you – and what you’re sharing with them – news, photos, videos, whatever.

One more thing you MUST know
There’s one more thing you should know if you use Facebook or are thinking of doing so. (Whether or not you’re interested in the books.)

It’s about privacy. After all, if you’re sharing all this information on the internet, you might stop and think about who’s going to see it?

Are you happy with the whole world seeing photos of you that you put on there? Some people are, some people aren’t. But then if you mention you’re going on holiday, that might be a different matter – you certainly don’t want the local burglars knowing that!

Well, you can keep things fairly private – so it’s really only for people you know. It’s not particularly hard to do, but it is important. The book explains the issues in a straightforward way. Then it tells you what you can do about it. Some things we’d strongly recommend – others it’s up to you depending on whether you’re bothered about the world seeing your embarrassing photos. But at least then you know so you can make the choice.

What’s covered? Well, for example in Facebook One Step at a Time, you’ll discover:

  • How to open a new account without getting in a pickle. Pages 2-3
  • How people can tell they’ve got the right person when they look for you – you’d be surprised at how many “Tim Wakeling”s there are, for example. Ignore this, and your friends may “friend” the wrong person. Page 10
  • What you really, absolutely, definitely MUST know about privacy on Facebook. Page 16
  • Make sure the top half of page 28 doesn’t happen by accident – it could get embarrassing (this has happened to me – but I think I got away with it).
  • What to do if you accidentally post something before you’ve finished writing it – it could change the whole meaning of what you were saying. Don’t panic – read page 38
  • Annoyed by the adverts for things you’re simply not interested in? You can’t stop adverts altogether but you can tell Facebook to stop showing you a particular type. It’s quick and easy once you know how. Page 60 explains.

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In Get More From Facebook you’ll find out:

  • When it comes right down to it, what does Facebook Messenger actually do? Even most people who use it probably don’t know all the things on page 1
  • IM, DM, PM – what do they mean? You might be surprised by the difference between them. Page 7
  • Until writing this book, I didn’t know the thing you’ll discover at the bottom of page 10 (but I wish I had)!
  • You could use Facebook for years without noticing this feature. But if you are interested in, well, anything, then you probably want to know about it. Page 29.
  • Why in my view you should never do this,
    even though it can be really helpful.
    Page 52
  • Hiding private, personal information so it’s not available to every Tom, Dick and hacker. Page 56

That’s not all of course, there’s lots more – but don’t be put off by how much there is… You don’t need to take it all in straight away. Find the bits that are useful to you now and you can always come back to the rest later.

This way it’ll all become nice and simple – easy and straightforward. After all, you don’t want to spend time battling with it – you want it to just do what you want.

How much does it cost?
If you use Facebook, I think you’ll get more out of it and find it less frustrating (and be at less risk of your private information being stolen) with this book. And if you are thinking of using Facebook, you’ll save a lot of time and frustration. So how much does it cost?

Well, each book is just £12.97 (and there’s a p&p charge of £2.99 however many books you buy). You’d struggle to even get much of a pub lunch for that nowadays!

You don’t have to pay now, though
I think it’s up to me to show you that the books are worth having. So if you’re not sure if they’re for you, you can order now on a free trial.

We’ll send them out to you and you don’t have to pay a penny until you have a look at the books and decide you’re happy with them. Otherwise simply send them back and owe us nothing.

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One more thing I should say…
I’ve got a free gift for you if you order both Facebook One Step at a Time and Get More from Facebook at the same time.

A free copy of…
You see, while I was working on the books, Claire (who helps me get the books finished) had a thought. “What about people whose Facebook account gets hacked?” It does happen – and it can mean someone else takes over your account, using it to spread spam or run adverts for all sorts of things – and it looks like it’s coming from you.

Worse, you might not even realise it’s happened. And all that time, your account could be spamming your friends and advertising anything and everything to them. Or even being used to spread extremist views that you really wouldn’t want to be associated with.

A good point – and not something we’d covered in the books because it’s not about how you use Facebook. So Claire went away and put together a short booklet: “What to do if your Facebook account is hacked, how to spot it’s happened and how to avoid it in the first place

Not the snappiest title, but it does exactly what it says.

And if you order both of the Facebook books together, I’ll throw a copy of this booklet in completely free.

(This is the ONLY way to get hold of a copy. It won’t be for sale separately, at any price.)

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Best do it today
Best put your free-trial order in now, while you think of it. Just give us your name and address to send the books to here (it’ll only take a minute or so and you don’t need to put credit card info in as you don’t have to pay until you’ve decided you’re happy with the books) or call 01229 777606 and ask Emma, Stella or Michelle (or one of the rest of us if the phones are especially busy) and ask for the Facebook books.

Or if you like you can email [email protected] with your name and address saying you’d like copies of the Facebook books…

We’ll get your books in the post to you the very same day (if your order reaches us by 2pm Mon-Fri)


Tim Wakeling
If you’ve ever thought about using Facebook… or tried it but found it frustrating… or use it but think you could get more out of it or find it easier, then best get your copies ordered today.

After all, you pay nothing now and if you aren’t happy with the books, you can send it back and owe us nothing (but still keep the free gift). But I’ll be surprised if you don’t find they’re exactly what you need. Why not do it now, while you remember?