“Get More From Your PC” – video course

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How to Get More out of Your PC or laptop

Are you getting all you could out of your PC?

Or do you suspect you could get more out of it, if only it was straightforward?

Maybe you have something particular in mind that you’d like to be able to do. Or maybe you just know that there are other things it could do for you – if only you knew how…

The problem is, there are so many things it can do. And they all seem so blummin’ complicated – as if they deliberately try to make it hard!

Get More From Your PC – let me show you how:
That’s why I’ve created these new video courses: Get More From Your PC and Get More From the Internet. They show you in simple steps exactly what you need to do.

For example, you can watch exactly how to make a video phone call on the web. You’ll see me demonstrate, telling you exactly what I’m doing as I do it, while you watch the screen to see what’s going on. Arrows will point out where I’m clicking or anything you need to notice and I’ll explain what to do.

Watch as many times as you like – easy to make sure you’ve understood it…
Pause the video and try it yourself. Or if you like, you can rewind and watch it again, as many times as you like. (The me on the screen won’t ever get fed up of going over the same thing again!)

Once you’ve seen it being done, it’s much easier, as you can imagine. All you need to do is do the same thing you’ve seen. And you can always watch it again to make sure.

But let me explain exactly what this course is… and what it isn’t

  • It isn’t a course covering the very basics – how to use the mouse, how to s
  • end an email, how to double click and that sort of thing.
  • It’s for people who can use the PC (though it only needs to be in a very basic way – click a mouse, look at a webpage) but who want to get more out of it.
  • It’s suitable for laptops or desktops.
  • Each course (the Internet course and the PC course) has 6 lessons.

One more important thing I should say:

There’s one important thing I should mention though: these videos are recorded with me demonstrating things in Windows 7, not in the latest Windows 10.  Many of the things covered aren’t really about exactly how to use Windows – they’re how to do things with your computer.  So it might not bother you that I’m using Windows 7 in the video anyway but it’s only fair that you know about it before you decide whether to order.

So if…
There might be specific things you would like to do on your PC, but you don’t know how.


It might be that you have a sneaking suspicion that you could get more from your PC – but you’re not quite sure what. Or it might be a bit of both.

Either way, these videos will:

1. Show you what you can do with your PC – without getting into anything too complicated.


2. Show you how to do it – with me showing you whilst explaining it all in simple language.

For example (how many of these are new to you?)

  • The (free) program I now use to edit photos (you don’t even need to register it). I like it because it’s about the easiest I’ve ever used – and it doesn’t cost anything!
  • All about printing sticky labels and “mail merge”.
  • How a website partly owned by ebay can save you money (nothing to do with buying or selling online) – especially if your family don’t live nearby.
  • Facebook – how to set up an account and use it to keep in touch with family and friends.
  • Control your PC by talking to it – easier than you’d think! Watch me set it up and start using it (despite my strange Cornish-with-a-dash-of-Cumbrian accent)
  • What to do if your PC suddenly starts turning itself off randomly – and the times between “turn-offs” are getting shorter and shorter… (it’s simple once you know)

A few more things you might not know:

  • The “online PIN”. How something not everyone uses could make shopping online FAR safer for you.
  • Watching TV online (and where you stand on TV licences)
  • The two settings for burning your own CDs or DVDs – and what difference it makes
  • Buy paperback books online for 1p each? What’s the catch?
  • A 7 point PC health check – good if you have any problems with your PC. Even better as “preventative medicine” – avoid having a “PC catastrophe” with these 7 steps.

But there’s lots more!

It really is the easiest way to learn – watch it being done, then try it for yourself, then (if you like) watch it again. You can practice as many times as you like.

Like I’m sat there with you…
Imagine the nearest thing – actually having a tutor sit down with you, one-on-one in your own home. But then you might feel uncomfortable having them there… making mistakes in front of them… and having to ask them to go over certain points again.

But the videos won’t mind how many times you want to go over it!

Having an expert tutor there would cost, well, say £15 per hour – over £150 for covering everything in both courses. That’s without repeating any of it… and most people learn better if they can go over the same things a few times. Go over it twice and that would be £300…

Ouch! So what do the video courses cost? £29.97 per course (with no P&P). Much less than going over the same things with a tutor.

But since they’re in the clearance, you can get them now for half price.  That’s £14.98 per course (still no p&p).

I would say the courses are great, so don’t take my word for it. See & decide for yourself…

Order the videos on free trial now and we’ll send you a brand new set straight away. But you don’t have to pay now. Once you get them, look at them for 14 days. Decide whether they’re any use. If not, send them back and owe nothing. If you do want to keep them, only then should you pay.

You pay nothing unless you’re sure you want them. Simple as that.

But it gets better!
Since you’re a newsletter reader, I’ve also got a special gift for you. If you order both the courses, you’ll also get a bonus disk of 5 short but helpful videos I’ve recorded, completely free. They didn’t fit into any of the lessons. But they’re still useful, so I‘ve put them onto this bonus disk.


And you can keep it, even if you send the courses back and pay nothing.



I’m confident that you will want to keep the videos – but if I’m wrong, you’ll gain the disk of the short bonus videos. It’s my loss if I’m wrong, not yours, and that’s the way it should be.

I really want to make sure you can’t lose out!

So, the 4 things that matter are:

  1. The video courses cover the things people most want to do with the PC.
  2. They explain everything as clearly as possible – watch me doing it on the computer screen while I explain what I’m doing, with arrows pointing at what I’m clicking on or circles round bits you should notice.
  3. Free gift: a bonus disk of 5 short but helpful extra videos. Keep it whatever you decide about the courses.
  4. They’re currently on a clearance offer – half price. But once they’re gone, they’re gone. I won’t be printing more.

So, it’s worth deciding now – if you wait you might miss out on the free book that’ll never be available again.

After all, what have you got to lose? If you decide you don’t like the courses, send them back and owe nothing. But keep the bonus videos and the limited edition book. You don’t even need to worry about the hassle of getting a refund – you just don’t pay unless you’re happy.

Order now and we’ll send your videos out as soon as they they arrive to us, straight away. But if you wait you might miss out on the book. Just click here or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get the videos off to you straight away. Or call 01229 777606 and Simone, Jess, Emma or Michelle (or one of the rest of us if all the phones are busy!) will take down your details.


Tim Wakeling

Remember, since this is the clearance, this is your last chance ever to get these videos.  And at half price, too! (Or call 01229 777606)