“Health Tech: Websites, Gadgets and Apps” and “One Hundred Days to Improve Your Health” – what’s in the books…?

Hello! If you’re wondering what’s in our new books, look no further.

I’ve put the contents pages here for the main book, along with some more information about the journal – so you can see exactly what’s covered. (By the way, if you want a reminder of what these books are all about, you can have a read here.)

Here’s what you get in the main book, Health Tech: Websites, Gadgets and Apps – Track and take control of your health and wellbeing and know how to find help when you need it:

…and page 2 of the contents:

And here’s what you get in the journal, One Hundred Days to Improve Your Health:
A daily write-in journal to help you build healthier habits

And here’s a sample of one of the pages you fill in yourself:

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