There are certain things I get asked how to do on PCs, laptops, tablets and phones more than any others…

…here’s how to find the answers…

I get asked certain questions all the time.

Tim, how do you do such-and-such on a PC?

Tim, how can I do so-and-so on my tablet?

Tim, why are you so devilishly handsome?
No, wait, maybe I imagined that one… more like “How do I do such-and-such on my smartphone?”

It’s often the same questions over and over again – not surprising really as many people want to do much the same things with their devices.

After all, unless you can get PCs, laptops, phones and tablets to do what you want, they’re just expensive doorstops.

In fact I’ve counted them up and there are 71 questions I get asked all the time – everything from how to make greetings cards or labels and print them to searching for your family history to keeping track of accounts or anything else in a spreadsheet or making a club newsletter or other documents and so on…

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A few years ago, people only wanted to do these things with PCs or laptops – not many people had smartphones or tablets… after all, not that long ago they didn’t even exist.

What people wanted to do on their PCs 12 years ago… but now on tablets and phones, too
Back then (in 2007) I wrote two books called “Next Steps on your PC” – all about the things people asked me how to do on their PC. They were hugely popular – but they’re out of print now. And they only covered doing these things on PCs.

But then tablets and smartphones came along and you can do all sorts of things on them. Not only that, you can do more on a PC or laptop than you could back then… and not only that but it’s often even easier than it was back then – once you know how.

It’s certainly all changed a lot in the last 12 years

The more things change…
But you know they say “The more things change, the more they stay the same” – and although you can do much more now and you can use a tablet or phone instead of just a PC, some of the problems are exactly the same. For example…

Using all these devices can be confusing unless someone has shown you exactly how to do it… it can be hard to make sense of it… and sometimes you don’t even know what you can do with the device!

There might be things you’d love to use it for… if only you knew it was possible – but the manufacturers don’t exactly make it obvious…

Not to mention that it can be nigh-on impossible to work out how to get it to do even things that you know it can do – there are often no buttons on the screen or anything to make it obvious. You have to already know about certain apps or know when to swipe off the side of the screen or whatever.

But this might make it all simpler…
That’s where these books come in: They’re a sort of all new version of the books I mentioned before, and this time not just for PCs, but for tablets and phones as well.

Next Steps on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. They show you how to do the things most people want to do with their devices, not just how to operate the device itself.

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The things people ask me about more than any others. (Both because they want to do those things… and because they need help with them!)

Everything is explained nice and simply, step by step, in plain simple language. There’s no jargon – except where I explain what it means in case you come across it somewhere else. There are lots of pictures of the screen, showing you where to click, tap or swipe and it tells you exactly what you need to do.

For example, in Vol 1 of Next Steps on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, you’ll discover:

  • What the difference is between using an app to do something and using the website. Page 2
  • What might happen if you shake your tablet (whether it’s out of frustration… or because you know this odd little trick). Page 3
  • On a PC, this trick will often let me help people even when they’re stuck in a program I’ve never seen before in my life! Page 6 (page 7 has the equivalent for tablets and smartphones).
  • The handy trick that wasn’t on the first version of the iPad – thank goodness they added it to the second version (it’s on phones, Android tablets and PCs as well). Page 8
  • If you’ve ever had a “junk call” you might be glad to read page 37, whether you have a smartphone or not.
  • If you have kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces (or simply an other half who seems like a child at times!) you might find the bottom half of page 39 helpful. Come to that, the top half’s not bad, either. Page 39
  • 7 ways you can use bluetooth – and the way I use it nearly every day. Page 64

And there’s more in
Next Steps on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone Vol 2:

  • People talk about “The Cloud” – and 9 out of 10 of them couldn’t even tell you what it is. (I have a sneaking suspicion some of the others would get it wrong, too). Here’s a nice, simple explanation that makes sense. Page 1. It also explains the 4 reasons why you might want to actually use it.
  • Designing and sending your own greetings cards – even if you don’t have a printer! Page 30
  • Printing labels – whether you want a whole page of identical labels (eg with your new address on when you move) or lots of different ones (maybe for Christmas cards).
  • Creating documents: from formal letters to posters for club events, plans for trips, club newsletters or anything else. Including how to use “clip art” pictures – free. Chapter 4
  • The special trick on page 57 that makes all sorts of documents easier to do a good job of.
  • Spreadsheets – a great way to keep your accounts, make lists and organise things in tables – and easier than you might think (once you’re shown this). Chapter 5
  • A simple little app and website that I use every day for everything from keeping my work organised to shopping lists to remembering what I’m supposed to do in the evening. Page 71

That’s not all, of course. There are lots of other useful things – the things people have often asked me how to do… the things most people want to be able to do with their PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones… whichever they have.

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But don’t be put off by how much there is – you don’t have to use all of it. Have a look, pick the bits that are relevant to you and ignore any things you’re not interested in, for now at least. You can always come back later on if you are interested in them then.

It’s all explained nice and simply, in plain language with plenty of pictures of the screen to show you exactly what to do.

Who are the books suitable for?
They’re only suitable for you if:

  1. You have a smartphone, tablet or PC/laptop – and the smartphone or tablet runs Android or is an iPad/iPhone and the PC or laptop runs Windows. (Nearly all do – if you’re not sure, you can always ring and we’ll help you check.)
  2. You’re not a tech expert – these books are written for “ordinary” people, not techies.
  3. You’re not an absolute complete beginner – you should already know how to use a mouse if you have a PC and how to tap on the screen if you use a tablet or smartphone. If you’ve got that figured out, you should be fine (if you haven’t, have a look at our “One Step at a Time” range which covers all the absolute basics for PCs, tablets and phones).

So how much are the books?
These devices you’re using can be really expensive. Even the cheaper iPads tend to be £300 or so – and you can pay an awful lot more.

But you might not be getting all you could out of it – half of what it could do for you might be being wasted!

These books can help with that and they won’t cost anything like as much as the tablet, phone or PC did. Each book is just £12.97 and there’s only one lot of P&P of £2.99, no matter how many books you order.

One more thing you should know – not in stock yet
I have just sent the books off to be printed (as of Friday 18th). It usually takes about two weeks to get them in stock. But you can order now and you’ll get one of the very first, hot off the press, the moment they arrive in stock.

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That way you don’t risk forgetting to order one, and you avoid the risk of them going out of stock before you get yours (it doesn’t happen often but occasionally a new book will go out of stock as soon as we get them because it’s more popular than I expected – best avoid that risk!)

Update: now in stock – order now and we’ll post it straight out to you.

But don’t take my word for it – all you need to do is say “maybe”

Order a free trial set now and you don’t have to pay a penny until you’ve got the books and decided you’re happy with them. Otherwise send them back to us and owe nothing.

Just click here or call 01229 777606 if you’d prefer to talk to Emma, Jade or Michelle to order your copy. We’ll pop it in the post to you straight away – you don’t have to pay anything until you’ve got your books and are happy with them.


Tim Wakeling

PS Of course, you don’t have to try all 71 things – at least not for now. Pick the ones you’re most interested in to start with and you can always come back to the others later on…  Why not get your copies of the new books ordered now, so you can have a look?