Already got the privacy book and want GDPR booklet

If you’ve already got a copy of the Privacy book, you might be thinking “That’s a bit rough – I’d like a copy of the new free guide to the GDPR rules, but I don’t want to buy another copy of the Privacy book just to get it.”

Well, I thought the same.  So if you’ve already bought the Privacy book, you can get an electronic copy of the GDPR guide, free.  Read it onscreen or print it out – it’s up to you.

But first, to check you’ve already bought the Privacy book, you need to check the back cover of it.  Get the first word written on the back in big black writing, right near the top.  That’s your password for the free guide. Just click here, type in that password (include any capitals from the book) and bingo – you’ll get the free guide.

Once you’ve checked your book to get the password, click here to get your free guide.

(If you can’t find your copy of the book or have any trouble with typing in the password, you can always email us at [email protected] or call us and we can check you did indeed order it and email you the free guide.)