Who Else Wishes Their Fancy Smartphone Was Easy To Use?

(and: how to make it do more for you, without hassle)

Imagine knowing exactly how to use a smartphone… and knowing what it can do for you (and how).

Smartphones – those fancy modern mobile phones that can go on the internet and do all sorts of things. They’re everywhere nowadays.

You might have one yourself, or be thinking about getting one. (My Mum and Dad got one earlier in the year.)

They can do all sorts of things for you – browse the web, be a sat-nav, take photos or videos, see photos friends have taken, play games, make video phone calls… The list goes on! Oh, you can
use it as a phone as well, of course – for calls or text messages.

The catch – and what can be done about it…
But the catch is it’s only easy to use them if you’ve been shown properly how to do it. Guessing or trying to work it out can be almost impossible – and you might end up in a right pickle…

And like most modern gadgets, you don’t usually get a manual. Even if you do get a manual, chances are it might as well be in Ancient Greek. The books in the shops aren’t much better – they seem to assume you already know half of it.

You could get a tech-savvy friend to show you, of course, but they might miss out things they think are “obvious”… or just whizz through it all. And then you can’t easily go back and check over something again.

Don’t tear your hair out
So it’s certainly not your fault if you sometimes find it’s frustrating and if you can’t get it to do what you want.

Or if you think you could do much more with it – but you’re not sure how.

That’s why I’m just now publishing a brand new book. In fact more than one.

iPhones One Step at a Time and Android Phones One Step at a Time.  They’re almost the same book, really, but specific to Apple’s iPhone and to the different types of smartphone based on Google’s Android system, like Samsung’s range, the Alcatel range or most other smartphones.

That way you can get one that matches whatever type of smartphone you have or are thinking of getting.

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Everything explained clearly and simply, in plain language
These books explain exactly how to use the smartphone – where on the screen to tap, what “gestures” to use and where important options are hidden away.

It’s all explained in plain language, rather than complicated jargon. Occasionally if I have to use a technical word, I’ll explain what it means first. And there are lots of pictures of the screen, showing exactly where to tap it, making it really clear and easy to follow.

These are just a few of the things covered and made simple:
What’s covered?  Well, everything you should know if you want to use an iPhone or Android smartphone. To take a few examples:

  • Missed calls and “voicemails” – it’s easy to get into a right pickle with these. Here’s how it all works so it’s nice and simple.
  • If you ever wonder what country Timbuktu is in, here’s how to find out. If you don’t ever wonder that, this is also useful for sending emails, getting your phone to remind you of appointments or getting directions to somewhere you need to go.
  • The difference between wi-fi and mobile internet – and what you need to know to make sure you don’t accidentally rack up a big bill.
  • Photos: you can zoom in and out on the particular area you want the photo of, just like an old fashioned telephoto lens. But they’ve hidden away how, even though it’s pretty easy to do once you know. Here’s how. Oh, and here’s how to make it focus on the right bit of the picture – no more sharp backgrounds with blurry foregrounds for you!
  • If you want to share photos you’ve taken with someone else, there are several ways to do it (apart from waving your phone in front of them – that works too!). Here’s the easiest way to do it.
  • All about King Harald Blåtand and how he can help you listen to music from your phone. In fact he’s also useful for a few other things. (but don’t worry – I’m not going to send a Viking round to your house…)
  • If you have trouble reading the screen, there are a few tricks that make it easier. Similarly if you find hearing the other end of the phone call a bit tricky, there are some settings to remove the background noise and so on.

Lots more, of course. I can’t fit it all in here – everything from updates and emails on a phone to taking videos. But don’t be put off by how much there is – you don’t have to use it all, and it’s all explained nice and simply.  You can take your time and pick the bits that interest you most.

That’s only half the story
It’s not just about knowing how to use the phone itself. Most of the really handy things it can do for you need you to use an App of some kind.

There are thousands and thousands of apps out there that let your phone do all sorts of things. Many are even free.

If you have a tablet you might have used various apps before – but on a phone they tend to work differently, mainly because of the smaller screen.

That’s why I’m publishing another book as well – a sort of companion to the iPhone and Android smartphone books.

Get More From Your Smartphone: 81 free apps that mean your phone can do all sorts of things
It’s an 82 page book covering the apps that I think you might find useful. The main types of app that are worth knowing about. It tells you what’s out there, how to get hold of it and then, how to use it! Most importantly it shows you why you’d want to use it.

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For example (which of these might be helpful to you?):

    • Page 2 covers the 3rd most popular app in the world. And I can see why – in my view it’s one of the very best ways of keeping in touch with family and friends.

  • I think my Mum and Dad’s favourite app is Skype – that’s because we can use it to video phone call each weekend. I’m not the main attraction, though – it’s seeing my two boys telling them what they’ve been up to and showing off their latest Lego creations! This book shows you how it works (video phone calls, not Lego!)
  • Smartphones are great for playing music and as well as music you’ve bought, you can listen to the radio (through headphones, the built in speaker or a separate speaker). You need an app for that. This book shows you how.
  • A very handy recipe app – find out how to make anything you fancy, almost immediately.
  • Use your phone as a scanner, to keep copies of any documents.
  • Need a taxi and don’t know the number of the local company? Here’s another way (and it’s often cheaper).
  • The Red Cross themselves made this first aid app – it would probably be a good idea if everyone in the country had this app, just in case.

And lots more, from using your phone as a sat-nav to using it to translate signs you see on holiday to apps that help you lose weight or get fit. All explained step by step.

I don’t know why the manufacturers don’t do this
If I was in charge of one of the companies making smartphones, I’d include a book like this with them, to help people make the most of them. After all, smartphones aren’t cheap, whether you pay in one lump or in a monthly contract.

So it makes no sense to have this expensive bit of kit and not be told how to use it properly!

I don’t mean you should learn every last little detail – we can leave that to the geeks and techies. But it’s worth finding out what things it can do, so you aren’t missing out on something you’d find really useful or interesting. That’s what these books do for you.

That lot isn’t all – something else you should have …

If you order one of the One Step at a Time books (iPhones or Android) and Get More From Your Smartphone at the same time, I’ll throw in a free gift.
It’s a copy of a short booklet called: Don’t Let Your Smartphone Empty Your Wallet.

It’s only short but it gives away all the inside secrets on how to make sure you don’t end up spending more on your phone than you need to.  For example, important things to check if you take your phone abroad. Something to check if you keep your phone for more than a year (and most people do!). And things to make sure don’t catch you out when you’re using it on the internet.

So how much are the books?
An iPhone, if you buy one outright, costs from £379 (for the cheapest, cut down version) to an eye watering £1000+ for the all singing, all dancing top of the range model.  And even a cheaper Android phone is usually into the 3 figures.

But you’ll be glad to know these books don’t cost anything like that. Each book is just £12.97 and there’s only one lot of P&P of £3.99, no matter how many books you order.

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But don’t take my word for it – All you need to do is say “maybe”

Order a free trial set now and you don’t have to pay a penny until you’ve got the books and decided you’re happy with them. Otherwise send them back to us and owe nothing.(But you can keep the free booklet Don’t Let Your Smartphone Empty Your Wallet as a “thank you” for having a look.)

No longer get frustrated by your phone – by it not doing what it should or just by not knowing how to do what you want.  Imagine knowing exactly how to use it… and knowing what it can do for you (and how).  And if you ever get stuck or want to try something new, you can just pull out the book, flip to the relevant page, and there it is.

Best decide now… or actually, why not decide once you’ve seen them? (here’s how)
Make using your phone as easy as it should be. And find out what you might be missing out on that it could do for you. Why not get a free trial set now?

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