When your iPad or Android tablet goes wrong, won’t respond, gets slower and slower or simply won’t do what you tell it, what will you do?

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iPads and Android tablets are great, no doubt about it.

For browsing the web, keeping in touch with family and friends, reading ebooks, watching TV… All from the comfort of your armchair – or the local cafe – or a hotel while you’re on holiday.

But there’s one problem – they go wrong.

Picture this:

You’re happily browsing the web on your tablet. Or emailing a friend, using skype to talk to them or playing a game on the internet. Or doing whatever you use your tablet for. Then, it happens…

You tap a button on the screen, just like you usually do…

Or you swipe across to choose an option…

Or start an app you use all the time…

Only this time it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. Maybe it does nothing at all (you might even think you didn’t touch the screen properly at first). Maybe it does part of what it should, but not all. Maybe it does something completely different or maybe you get a cryptic error message that might as well be in Ancient Greek.

Chances are it’s not your fault – and even if it is…
Your first thought might be “Oh no, what have I done wrong?” But chances are, you haven’t. Things do just go wrong through no fault of yours.

And even if you have accidentally tapped the wrong button or somehow confused it, the machine doesn’t make it very easy to get it all back sorted. You might need to go through some hidden process or change a setting you don’t even know exists.

Whether it just went wrong without any help or whether you did slip and tap the wrong option…. Either way you now need to put it back, to get it sorted so it works again. And usually it’s not obvious. Usually you can’t see what to do to get it back as there’s no obvious options on the screen.

That’s what these “Help is at Hand” books are for. With them it’s simple. You just have a look at the contents page, flick to the relevant page and follow the simple instructions there. They take you through what to do step by step in plain simple instructions, with pictures of the screen to show you what to do, where to tap and which options to select.

I first wrote a version of these books a few years ago but have just finished updating them – checking everything in them, tweaking (or completely rewriting) it where necessary and adding the odd bit that wasn’t relevant before.  So this new 4th edition is bang up to date.

They’re called: Tablet Help is at Hand 1: Common Problems with your Tablet and its Settings and Tablet Help is at Hand 2: Common Problems With Apps, Media, The Internet & Email.

Picture yourself in this situation…

Once you’ve got these books you don’t need to worry if something goes wrong, misbehaves or isn’t quite right on your tablet.

For example, what if your tablet starts working slowly? It’s happened to me (well, my iPad… though come to think of it, sometimes I move slower than I used to, too…) Pick up the book and turn to page 6. It tells you what’s going on and what to do about it. Often it’s number 1 on that page, which is easy to fix. But not many people know about number 5 – either way, once you know, it’s easy to fix in seconds, just following the instructions on the page.

Is this the most frustrating thing?
Sometimes the most frustrating thing about using a tablet isn’t knowing how to use it for the things you want to do. It’s sorting it out when it goes wrong – fixing things that stop working or putting settings back after they randomly change. Problems that aren’t your fault – but you still need to sort them. And most of the time, it’s really not obvious how to fix them.

For example, did you already know about these things?

  • When I first got an iPad it was brilliant to use – really fast when I was browsing the web. But it gradually got slower and slower… Until it was really frustrating when I wanted to (say) quickly check the weather forecast and it took ten minutes. Luckily, looking at page 6 can sort it out – often in minutes.
  • It’s annoying when you want to use your tablet but it’s out of battery. How long the battery lasts can depend on several things – see page 16 (and it’s best not to just leave it plugged in all the time. You’ll read why).
  • This is possibly the most annoying feature on any piece of technology ever – and it’s meant to be helpful. Luckily you can turn it off – or just stop it being so annoying. Page 46
  • Alan Turing was British. The Countess Ada Lovelace was British. Charles Babbage was British. None the less, most tablets are made by American companies. In theory if you buy a tablet in the UK, it should be set up to work right in the UK. But sometimes you’ll find it giving you $ instead of £s, using American language and generally pretending it’s from the other side of the pond. Don’t worry – here’s how to tell it where you are! Page 54
  • Fixing really bad problems – the last resort, how to do it and what you really must do first. Page 59

That’s in the first book (Tablet Help is at Hand 1: Common Problems with your Tablet and its Settings ). In the second one (Tablet Help is at Hand 2: Common Problems With Apps, Media, The Internet & Email), there’s lots more:

  • The five steps that might help when an app crashes or simply won’t open. Try step 1 first and work your way through to step 5 – hopefully you won’t need to get to step 5 as one of the simpler ones will work, but it’s there if you need it. Pages 1-6
  • When an app goes walkabout and you simply can’t find it – here’s what to do. Page 10
  • Web browsers are crucial – they’re the thing that lets you browse the web (I suppose the name gives it away!) But you can have all sorts of problems with them. Mostly they’re easy to fix – at least once you know how. Luckily page 13 – tells you how.
  • It’s a surprisingly common problem: You can only see recent emails, not older ones, even though you’d swear you didn’t delete them. Don’t worry, they aren’t gone forever, just hidden. See page 59 to find out how to get them back.
  • Emails are a really helpful way of keeping in touch – and quick, too. But some people find emails take a while to arrive – sometimes even several days. Page 61 tells you what to do about it.

That’s not all, of course, I can’t list everything here. But if you have these books, the solution to all these problems is simple (and the same): Turn to the relevant page and follow the step by step instructions.

Is it suitable for you?
These books are suitable for you if:

  • You have a tablet that’s either an iPad (made by Apple) or that runs Android (which could be made by anyone: Samsung, Sony, Nexus and Amazon’s Fire are the most common ones.)
  • You’re NOT a real tech-whizz who can fix everything easily (if you are, you don’t need these books!)

Though, having said that, I learnt some new things from working on these books. Problems I didn’t know how to fix if they’d happened to me, but now I’ve researched them, I do know and I won’t panic if they happen.

Problems with your tablet solved, for less than half a tank of petrol… or a decent pub lunch for two
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Picture all the frustration and annoyance you get when something won’t do what it’s supposed to on your tablet – all gone. Imagine all that frustration just disappears!

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Tim Wakeling

Who knows when something will go wrong on your tablet and it won’t do what it should… or will do something it shouldn’t? Best order your free trial pair of books now, so you’ve already got “Help is at Hand”. Call 01229 777606 or click here now.