Tablets One Step at a Time (Android and iPads)

The books are full of useful tips, advice and guidance – of course, I would say that since I wrote them, but lots of people who’ve bought them have told me the same!

Anyway, as I say, they’re full of useful things but there are some bits that stand out.  Things that can quickly make using your tablet easier.  So here are a few of the things I’d suggest you have a look at first – some of the bits that might make using your tablet easier straight away.

  • In the iPad book, make sure you read the bit at the bottom of page 4, about how you turn it off.  Lots of people don’t know this and it can be the easiest way to fix minor annoying problems with it.
  • Again, in the iPad book, the bit on page 17 can be really useful – but I’ve also seen people turn it on by accident and get into a pickle.  If you know about it, then if you turn it on by accident, you’ll know what’s happened and you can simply turn it off again.  The Android equivalent is on page 18 of the Android book.
  • If you use your tablet out and about, using wifi in cafes, hotels or whatever, you should read pages 20-21 of the Android book or 19-20 of the iPad book.
  • Page 73 of the Android book covers something you should definitely know how to do.  Every so often, just have a look and see if there are any apps to do this to – it’ll help keep your tablet running better.

There are some bits in the “Get more from Your Tablet” book that you might wan tto have a look at soon, too…

  • Page 1 is pretty important – the things it explains about what and app is and how it works might make everything fall into place.  But the app I get the most questions about is probably the one on page 2 (that’s why the book starts with it).
  • The one on page 10 is my Mum and Dad’s favourite – for good reason (with my sister in Australia and my brother often in different countries – Saudi Arabia at the moment).
  • Reading Chapter 5 can actually save you money – some of the apps for shopping that you might not know about.
  • And everyone should read pages 71 and 72 – to avoid the risk of a very stressful time indeed.

Of course, if you haven’t got the books yet and would like to order them, you can ring 01229 777606 or use the paper order form that came with the information pack.  Or if you prefer, you can order online (and even read a copy of the full information) here.

Tim Wakeling
PS If you’ve already got the books, it’s worth having a look at the particular pages I mentioned. I’d be gob-smacked if at least one of them isn’t really helpful to you!