Tame Your PC In 6 Easy Lessons

Apologies – this offer has expired and is no longer available

(Tim Wakeling’s Video Course)
Why this course could make using your PC easier, simpler and less stressful than it’s ever been before – all from the comfort of your own home, learning at your own pace

Dear Reader,

Let’s face it, learning from a book can work. But it’s not perfect. What you really need is someone to show you, carefully and slowly, exactly what to do – but without going too fast.

Someone who doesn’t mind going over the same thing as many times as you like – and who doesn’t mind going back to it a few weeks later on if you feel a bit unsure.

And that’s what these videos are like – someone showing you what to do…

You can watch, say, the lesson on Printing, the one on Copy and Paste or the one on Searching the web. If you aren’t sure about one bit, press pause to give you a chance to think about it. Or press rewind it to watch it again (the very first video explains how to rewind, in case you aren’t sure).

Tim will show you exactly what to do – you can watch him demonstrate it on his PC, nice and slowly. Arrows will appear on the screen pointing out the important bits while Tim talks you through exactly what he’s doing.

Then you try it out. If it goes well, hurrah! You’ve mastered that bit. If not, don’t worry. You can just go back to the video, watch it again, and have another go.

(The only other thing as good would be to have a personal teacher there all the time. But then you might worry about getting it wrong in front of them, or they might get a bit frustrated if you didn’t learn quickly enough… this way no-one but you will know if you want to watch the same video several times to make sure you’ve got it!)

After all, if you aren’t sure about something, don’t you want it explained again? In just as much detail and with just as much care as you were told the first time?


But don’t let me get carried away. You need to know the facts

  • There are two courses of videos: Tame Your PC in 6 Easy Lessons and Tame The Internet in 6 Easy Lessons
  • Have Windows 10? Have Windows 8 or 8.1 or 7? Don’t worry.  There are editions for Windows 10 and for older versions of Windows.
  • Each course has (as you might guess from the titles) 6 lessons, which adds up to about 3 hours per course.
  • I show you laptops and desktop PCs, with video of what all the bits are and where they all plug in.
  • Each course comes on 3 CDs, each with two lessons on it.
  • Suitable for you if:
    a) You’re a beginner (either new to PCs or still struggling)
    b) Or if you can just about get by but wish it was easier and less frustrating.
  • You’ll learn all about using your PC, the Internet, email, how to view and print photos, copy and paste, printing, the basics of spreadsheets, scrollbars, system restore, the magic of undo and redo… all the things that make using a PC and the Internet a doddle instead of a pain in the… ahem, neck.
  • You don’t need a DVD player or any fancy equipment. These videos play on your PC.

For example, suppose you want to learn about Copy and Paste.
Here’s what you do…

  1. You pop the CD into your computer and a second or so later the welcome screen appears.
  2. You click on “Copy and Paste”.
  3. That lesson is in 3 parts, so you watch the first part, which explains simply and clearly how to use the basics of copy and paste. You watch Tim demonstrate as he explains what he’s doing.
  4. Then you click on pause, and try out what you’ve just been shown. If you aren’t sure about any part of it, you go back to the video and watch that part again.
  5. Once you’re confident, you can click on play and carry in with the rest of the video… or you could decide that’s enough for today and put it away for tomorrow.

In a way, I’m disappointed – I’ve discovered I was WRONG…

I’ve always said that the easiest way to learn to use a PC is from a book. I’ve seen all sorts of fancy, fiddly “PC tutor packages” – and I’ve never felt they were as helpful as just sitting down with the computer, a good book (of course, I think mine are the best, but then I would say that!) and a bit of time to try it yourself.  I never thought anything else could match a well written book for the best think to learn PCs from.

But I’ve changed my mind… or had it changed for me

I produced these videos for people who prefer to learn by watching… or people who want that as well as a book. But…

Every single person I’ve shown them to so far has told me they’re the best way of learning the PC they’ve ever seen – in many cases even better than having a tutor. For example:

Complete beginners have said it became so much clearer when they watched exactly what to do whilst listening to me describing it. And people who know a bit more – enough to get by on the PC – told me that they learnt things they didn’t realise they didn’t know… or things they didn’t realise they were doing wrong! And all they had to do was sit down with a cup of tea and watch.

Once I’d finished recording them, I had to set a price for them

So I asked myself “Well, how much would it cost to have a tutor explain all this?” Allowing for explaining time and time for you to try it out, it would be around £80 for everything covered in the PC course and £80 for everything in the Internet course. (And that doesn’t take into account going back and covering it again – which is one of the big advantages of it being on video.)

That would mean £160 for the two together – and I think that’s too much (I hope you agree!).

Then I looked around to see if there were any similar courses – the nearest I could find is a set called “Take the Teacher Home” by an Australian chap. They’re not a bad set of videos. And they cost £50 each – so if you want the PC set and the Internet set, it’s £100.

I still think that’s too high. I mean, £100? It’s not exactly spare change!

So I sat down with my accountant and asked “What’s the lowest price we can set?” We looked at how much it had cost to record the videos, how long it had taken me and the cost of the editing. We set a price of £29.97 for each course – only slightly more than half the “Take the Teacher Home” price. (I decided we wouldn’t charge any P&P on these courses.)

But since you’re ordering during the clearance, you’ll get them at HALF that price – just £14.98 for each set.  And don’t forget, this is the last chance to get them.


would say my courses are better, so don’t take my word for it – try them for free

You can have the courses on a free trial – try them out, watch the videos. You only pay once you’re happy with them. If you don’t like them, send them back and that’ll be the end of the matter – with no hard feelings.

One more thing – I think I’ve got the video-making bug (a free gift)

Even after finishing the courses, I’ve made a few more videos. Shorter ones, 4-10 minutes, on specific tips to do with using your PC – for example what to do when it crashes. They’re not essential, but they are handy. So I’ve put them all together on one CD. If you order both courses now, I’ll pop a copy of that CD in as well, as a little extra thank you. You can keep it whatever you decide – so even if you decide not to keep the courses, the worst that happens is you get this CD of videos for free!

(Yes, you still get the bonus disk even during the clearance.)

It’s often been said that using a PC is a knack, a bit like riding a bike. But can you imagine trying to learn to ride a bike without someone else showing you… or even just with only a book to help you? No matter how good the book, it wouldn’t beat having someone actually show you what to do.

Best order your copies now.



Tim Wakeling