Tim’s Last Hurrah

What Tim had up his sleeve…

You might remember that in Tim’s email a few weeks ago, he mentioned something he had up his sleeve for November.  Well, now I can tell you what it was.

He decided, before he went, that he wanted to leave a sort of parting gift – to us at The Helpful Book Company, and to all of you as well.  

So he’s written a book that he’s called “Tim’s Last Hurrah!” – and we’re going to give away a copy of the book, absolutely free, with every order in November.

It doesn’t matter what you order.  Or whether you do it on the phone (call 01229 777606), online, by email or in the post.  Everyone who orders anything during the month of November will get a copy.

So what’s in the book?

Over the years, Tim’s written a lot about technology – but this book’s a bit different.  He called it, “The book I always wanted to write but never got around to till now.”

It contains all sorts – you’ll find:

  • Plenty of tips and advice about using technology, and choosing the gadgets that will make your life easier or more fun – whether you use a tablet, PC or smartphone.
  • A bit more of the background story of The Helpful Book Company – and about what’s happening now it’s employee owned…
  • Various things to do with books and publishing that he finds interesting (and hopes you will too!)
  • And a few things that he put in just because they’re amusing or thought-provoking.
  • …oh, and the odd mention of tea and chocolate hobnobs

As I say, if you order anything from us during November, you’ll get a free copy of “Tim’s Last Hurrah”, included automatically.  After that, we’re not planning on reprinting it, ever, so this is your only chance to get a copy.

If you’re not sure what books we do, you can read all about our latest release, Technology Help is at Hand here, or see our full range of other books on the website here – then you can either order via the website or if you prefer, ring up (on 01229 777606).